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Common Hiring Mistakes Organizations Make and How to Avoid Them

Hiring remains to be an important task of every organization. That is because the right employees play an important role in the organization and are critical assets. As you know, a great vision without good people is irrelevant. As a recruiter, you need to attract, select, and retain the right employees for your organization. In fact, a bad hire is likely to cost organizations a bad reputation and financial losses. Your objective should be getting the right people on board and the wrong people off the organization. These are some common mistakes made during the hiring process and can cost the organization.

Selecting Most Experienced Candidate

employment applicationThe best suited candidate for any particular organization is not always the most experienced one. You should note that experience is relative and its impact varies from one organization to another. Therefore, hiring managers must hire people who have relevant experience and can demonstrate how it fits the needs of the organization. For instance, it is more effective to evaluate the track record of success of managers.

Selecting Most Educated Candidate

The truth is that educational qualifications are not always a predictor of better job performance. In fact, education does not have a direct correlation with job performance. Rather it provides minimal predictive ability. Thus, the assumption that education offers candidates with experience and training for upcoming jobs is not valid. At no time should education be used in eliminating less qualified candidates unless the tasks of the job involve knowledge transfer like research and teaching.

Selecting the Top Candidate

You should note that top candidates do not always become the best for any given organization. There is a need for hiring managers to thoroughly scrutinize all interviewees to ensure the best hires are suited to meet the needs and interests of the organization. Thus, every organization ought to define characteristics of their ideal employee and use it to choose the best suitable candidate for each position.

Selecting Based on Relationship or Friendship

job offerRelatives or friends ought to be hired based on the value they bring to an organization and not because of their relationships with the employer. The issue with hiring relatives is that they do adopt a sense of entitlement. As a result they become the least performing employees and a demotivation to their colleagues. When hiring, you should put the interests of your organization first.

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